170km - 3500m+

Sportevents, presents the 10 Summits! A route for die hard hill climbers! This route links 10 of the most difficult climbs in Belgium, a mix of famous and lesser known climbs in the Ardennes. Our creator of this route has done his best to show you the most beautiful places in the region. Attention, the fact that there are only 10 climbs on the route is simply because there are no flat sections in this region... ;-). 

So, get your quadriceps ready for a 170 km ride with more than 3500m of ascent! 

The route is designed for die hard hill climbers with maximum gradients of around 20%.
We have designed the route with 2 different starting locations (Dochamps and Stavelot) but you are free to start wherever you want.

From €10.00
Included in the price : 

High Quality GPX / Route with points of interest
GPX and Roadbook
Roadbook full of info, useful places on the road, tips....
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         in Dochamps 
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The course is 170km with 3500m+. You will go through the region of Stavelot, Trois-Ponts, Lierneux, La Roche and Stoumont. On the way, you will encounter well-known hills such as Stockeu, Rosier, Haussire, but also lesser known climbs. A detailed description of the route, the data and profiles of each slope can be found in the roadbook that you receive when you buy the route.

Profile of the route with start in Stavelot

If you start in Stavelot, the first climb is the Stockeu. 

Profile of the route with start in Dochamps

If you start in Dochamps, the first 15km are mainly downhill.


Here are the climbs of the 10 Summits (in order of difficulty):

Col de Haussire (1st place CotaCol) 4,0km Avg. 6,9% Max. 16%
 Stockeu (3th place CotaCol) 2,3km Avg. 9,9%
 Max. 21%
 Thier de Coo (5th place CotaCol) 1,3km Avg. 11,2%
 Max. 17%
 Mur de Maboge (8th place CotaCol) 3,1km Avg. 5,8%
 Max. 21%
 Côte de Renardmont (10th place CotaCol) 0,6km Avg. 12,5%
 Max. 19%
 Le Rosier 8,5km Avg. 4,1%
 Max. 10%
 Côte de Wanneranval 1,6km Avg. 9,5%
 Max. 16%
 Côte de Brume 2,7km Avg. 8,1%
 Max. 20%
 Col du Rideux 2,2km Avg. 6,9%
 Max. 13%
 Roche-à-Frêne 2,3km Avg. 8,6%
 Max. 14%
  A detailed overview with profiles of each climb can be found in the road book.

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