GPX - CHALLENGE of 70km 

Sportevents, organiser of dozens of events every year, connecting two of the most famous Ardennes towns. This 70km long route takes you from La Roche en Ardenne to Houffalize and back ( or the other way around ). 

You will find the right way by following the GPX route. 
This varied mountain bike route, both in terms of the type of terrain and the landscape, is accessible to all levels, with one beautiful, self-built, technical passage on private land (beginners can easily skip this). Enjoy all the beauty that the Ardennes nature has to offer on a route that is 85% off-road.

2 of the most famous mountain bike towns, La Roche and Houffalize now connected!
We have selected for you the most beautiful trails in the region, via completely unknown paths you will also pass the tourist attractions. All cafés and stops are nicely marked as waypoints. Our comprehensive road book contains contact details for everyone on the route as well as useful tips & tricks for the road ahead.

From €10.00
Included in the price : 

High Quality GPX / Route with points of interest
Roadbook full of info, useful places on the road, tips....
Discount vouchers (2x 15 euro) at  Floreal & Vayamundo 
Discount voucher of 100 euro at Vakantiehuis Ardennen
Ranking  (not mandatory)
 La Roche - Houffalize - La Roche | 71,3KM | 2050m+

Houffalize - La Roche - Houffalize | 71,3KM | 2050m+ 

If you plan to ride this route during the hunting season (possible extension until February), parts of the route may not be accessible. This is always indicated by red signs "Passage Interdit". 

If there are only yellow warning signs, you may pass. You can check the periods via the following pages: 


Unfortunately, however, this is not always 100% conclusive.

Hunting has been announced on the following dates:

- 23/01/2021
- 30/01/2021
- 31/01/2021

Update : 08/01/2021

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