GPX - CHALLENGE of 66km 

Sportevents, organiser of dozens of trailrun and walking events every year, has made a beautiful route through the Eifel region.

You will find the right way by following the GPX route and  you can run it or walk it. This beautiful off-road course really shows you the most beautiful places of the region. Via completely unprecedented roads you also pass the most popular tourist attractions. All cafes and stops are nicely indicated as waypoints. Our extensive road book contains contact details of everyothing on the route and handy tips & tricks for on the road. 

If you would like to know when this track is available for download, please click on the green download button on the right and leave your email address. 

From €10.00
Included in the price : 

High Quality GPX / Route with points of interest
Roadbook full of info, useful places on the road, tips....
Discount voucher of 10 euro at Runners' Lab
Discount voucher of 100 euro at Vakantiehuis Ardennen
Ranking  (not mandatory)

Although most of you are just going to enjoy this track, without looking at the watch, we would like to offer a certain competition aspect. Good luck to everyone, no matter how fast you are and don't forget to enjoy during your run or walk !

If you want your time to be shown in the ranking you need to provide us with a link of your activity on Strava, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow or similar.
This can be done by logging into your account and uploading the result via "my registrations". We will then put you in our ranking.
the time includes all breaks, all possible stops will be added.


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