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For 10 years, Sportevents is organising the Grand Raid in La Roche: a spectacular adventure race for duos consisting of kayaking, MTB, trail run and run bike. In 2020 the Grand Raid could not take place and in 2021 the event was postponed to 25 July. 

Because we still have to wait for the "real" Grand Raid and because the MTB tracks themselves are also cool tracks, we offer them as GPX routes:

MTB1: 33km with 950m+ (light version 28km and 690m+)

MTB2: 19km with 670m+

The routes offer everything an MTB lover expects: curving single tracks, steep climbs, a few challenging descents (Wall of Maboge / Wall of Borzée), small river crossings, some recovery sections, ... . And all that in a beautiful nature! 

Start and finish of all courses are not in Nisramont or Bérismenil as with the Grand Raid but in Maboge. So that we can (hopefully soon) drink a cool pint in café Den Erpel.

We recommend starting with MTB1 (33km or 28km) and then checking back in Maboge to see if there is enough " juice " in the legs to start the loop of MTB2.

From €10.00
You will always receive the 3 gpx files.
Included in the price : 

High Quality GPX / Route with points of interest
GPX and Roadbook of the 3 loops
Roadbook full of info, useful places on the road, tips....
Free use of Bike wash at Café Den Erpel
Voucher (10euros) at B&B Au Canard Maboge
Discount voucher of 100 euro at Vakantiehuis Ardennen
Recommended for these routes: disc brakes and at least a suspension fork.
We recommend the 28 km route for beginners.
The courses mostly follow the Grand Raid courses, only each loop now starts in Maboge, which means there are some new sections. 

For MTB1, there is also a "light" version. This version is based on the Grand Raid Light, is for the most part the same as MTB1 but leaves out some difficult sections. Ideal for beginners.

MTB1 loop to Nisramont - 33km / 950m D+ / 75% off-road

Immediately after the start in Maboge, the first 4 km are mainly uphill. After the descent of the Wall of Borzée you will have a small river crossing before the passage along the football fields of Bérismenil (the epicentre of the Grand Raid). After a short recovery on the connecting road between Bérismenil and Nadrin, a few nice passages along the Ourthe will bring you to the barrage of Nisramont, known as the start of the Grand Raid. A long but relatively easy climb in the direction of Nisramont to get back into the woods. The race ends with the downhill of the Wall of Maboge. 

During the Grand Raid, MTB1 starts at the barrage in Nisramont and goes to Bérismenil. For this gpx route we have chosen to make a loop and to make the starting point in Maboge (catering available). So the part between Bérismenil and the barrage (km6.7 to km16.4) is not in the Grand Raid, but it is certainly worthwhile!

MTB1 LIGHT loop to Nisramont - 28km / 690m D+ / 65% off-road

This route is mostly the same as the "regular" MTB1 but some difficult sections have been left out.

MTB2 loop to Samrée - 19km / 670m D+ / 95% off-road

Everything takes place north of Maboge in the vast forests of Borzée, Samrée and Bérismenil. This route is very beautiful and almost completely off-road. The route is not really technical but with almost 700 altimeters on 19km it is a tour not to be underestimated.

MTB2 starts and ends during the Grand Raid in Bérismenil. Since we now start and arrive in Maboge, the first 3.5km and the last 5.5km are not part of the official Grand Raid route.

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