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The Walk for The Cure is A 3day-hike or trail for the benefit of Think Pink!
Every day of this 3day-adventure, you'll discover a new part of the French Vosges.

Day 1 - 27km: Start and finish at Ferme Auberge du Gashney. This stage will lead you trough the magnific valley of the Hohneck.

Day 2 - 16km: Start in the centre of Le Markstein (1183m) at hotel Wolf. You'll finish at the highest point of the Vosges: The Grand Ballon.

Day 3 - 25km: Start and finish at the cosy Auberge du Steinlebach in Le Markstein. The last stage brings you in the valley of Kruth with a breathtaking view on the Petit and Grand Ventron.

The Walk For The Cure is also an organized event on 30-31/07 and 01/08 ! If you prefere to participate at the event with aid stations, music, indicated race courses, ... ? 
Go to the website, check it out and register there !

From €15.00
Included in the price :

High Quality GPX / Route with points of interestn
Roadbook full of info, useful places on the road, tips...
Three days of hiking fun
Passages along different mountain huts
€10,00 to the benefit of Think Pink
Discount voucher of €10,00 at Auberge du Steinlebach
Discount voucher of €10,00 at Hotel Wolf
Make a donation to Think Pink, the national Breast Cancer awareness campagne.

What can you expect from these routes?

Day 1 - The Hohneck

The route starts and ends in Gashney, near the Hohneck, the second highest point of the Vosges massif. 
This area is generally known as one of the most technical and alpine areas of the Vosges.

It is recommended to wear walking or trail shoes. Don't forget to bring enough food and drink. In the road book and on the GPX you will find many possibilities to fill up with water or to stop in beautiful huts.
But between these stops you will also energy so don't forget to eat and drink! 

You're not sure if you have the right shoes and equipment? Make an appointment at Runners' Lab or take a look at their online shop!

Day 2 - The Grand Ballon

The start is in le Markstein at the Hotel Wolf, the hotel of our good friends Christel and Marc

The route is a little less technical in the first part along the wide ridge (Route des Crêtes). It is followed by a descent on single tracks with rocks, tree roots, ... 
Here too, suitable mountain equipment is recommended, such as a walking or trail shoe that supports the ankle well, walking poles and, again, enough food and drink! 

After a long descent to Geishouse, the ascent to the highest point of the Vosges, the Grand Ballon, begins. Around the Grand Ballon, there are several possibilities to have a drink or a meal, please check our tips in the roadbook. 

After this route, you can choose to walk back to the Markstein via the route des Crêtes. The shortest route is about 7 km.
You can also choose to wait for the bus between Le Grand Ballon and Le Markstein, the famous "Navette des Crêtes" will be available again from 19/07/2021.

Day 3 - The Route des Crêtes

The last stage is not the easiest! 

It starts with a long descent to Kruth with a breathtaking view of the Petit and Grand Ventron on the other side of the valley. An area 100% protected by the Parc Naturel du Ballon des Vosges.
Afterwards, we will take you back to the "Crêtes Vosgiennes" to finish where you started, at Sandra and Seb's Auberge du Steinlebach

Be careful because after so many kilometres, the fatigue accumulates.
Be careful where you hike because this area is also technical and requires good shoes. 

Day 1

27km - 1526m+

Day 2

16km - 850m+

Day 3

25km - 1050m+

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